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The Ace Report

Dec 24, 2018

In this weeks episode, Howard interviews Tim Brien. Tim has a unique perspective on transition. He is a Transition Coordinator at Ft. Belvoir's Warrior Transition Unit. Listen to his story, and find out what drove him to serve veterans.

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Tim's Resources: - this site translates your MOS and has labor market info to help you make decisions on careers - good group of folks they used o do a lot of workshops, they have a great online template for resumes. - Feds Hire Vets good info site and the agency directory is priceless - 30 great behavioral interview questions and how to answer them - state benefits, I am actually working ona side project to make this easier to read and sort in an excel or access database. good classes for cheap with good training DoD Tap and VMET for your military experience - newish program helping out with transitioning Soldiers resumes, workshops and seminars. - Dept of Labor website this division is to help train Veterans. - find your local DVOP/LVER - DVOP - Disabled Veteran Outreach Program rep - help you overcome obstacles to get employment, LVER - Local Veteran Employment Rep - help get you a job these folks must be disabled Vets to hold these jobs